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Lake Orta wedding venue - Orta Catholic Church...


Weddings at Orta Catholic Church

The church of Santa Maria Assunta offers Catholic ceremonies to foreign couples, read in English. This perfectly positioned church looks directly down onto the characteristic town and lake from it's elevated position. Dating back to the eleventh century, this impressive church boasts several fascinating frescoes and an impressive Baroque style wooden altar. 

Guest Numbers

The church has the capacity to seat 150 guests


Classic and soft musical options are welcome

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Boat Port

There are several boat ports available just a short walk to the main square

Accommodation Icon.png

There are many options just a short walk away


Blessings and ceremonies with civil rite are performed here

Exclusivity Icon.png

The church can never close its doors completely to visitors but we find that they keep a respectful distance when a ceremony is taking place

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