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Lake Orta wedding venue - Villa Bossi...


Weddings at Villa Bossi

Villa Bossi is one of the most beautiful and romantic venues offering civil ceremonies in a stunning outdoor garden. 


Positioned directly on the lake edge, you can arrive by boat or foot through the characteristic streets of Orta San Giulio town. Following your ceremony, we can arrange drinks and finger food for you all in the square, before you make your way to your chosen reception venue.  

Guest Numbers

This venue is suitable for around 60 guests.


Classical and light music options are welcome here.

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Boat Port

There is a private boat dock at this villa.

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There are many options just a very short walk away. 


Civil ceremonies are celebrated here.

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The garden is open to the public always but visitors never seems to come too close when they can see a wedding is in place.

Click to see some of our past weddings at this venue

15. Lake Orta wedding planners.jpg
Lydia & Anthony

Villa Bossi Ceremony &

Ca' dal Rat Reception

3. The Mayor celebrates the civil ceremo
Niki & Mark

Villa Bossi Ceremony &

Ca' dal Rat Reception

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